5 Spring Trends You Must Try

Tis’ the season for change. It’s that time of year where most people are changing the color of their hair, refreshing their wardrobe or deciding to try something completely out of their comfort zone, all for one reason….it’s spring time!

Even though we’re in Florida and seasons are practically non-existent, we still like to celebrate springtime. We can pretty much predict the weather any day of the year, which includes: rainy, sunny, cloudy and muggy or hot as hell with 110% humidity. Either way, us Floridians should still stay on trend during the season changes.

Some of my favorite trends are popping up everywhere and I’m here to share five that I can’t stop obsessing over.

To see more, head over to East Coast Girl on Pinterest!

  1. Shirt Dresses
  1. Jumpsuits
  1. Polka dots
  1. High ponytail
  1. Side swept part 

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