A Beauty Secret Your Skin Will Thank You For Trying

I’m excited to share a new addition to East Coast Girl PR called Tester Tuesday. Every once in a while I’ll be sharing a beauty alert or trend I’ve tested out and feel is beneficial for those of you following along!

I’m really not the kind of chick who will just share anything that someone sends me or that I’ve only tried once, unless its food or wine and I love it. Those two things are about the only exception. I truthfully take an ample amount of time to test a product that I put inside or on my body, as should you. Following the testing process, I’ll provide a value and credible recap, sharing a summary of why I believe it’s a winning product.

Each month, I make it a best practice to try out new products. I’ll switch up my eyeliners, try new shadows or even search for a new foundation. There’s one thing I’ve never done and pretty much swore I would never do and that’s trying out a new skin care remedy.

I have moody skin that up until my 20s, had constant breakouts due to the several sports I played and food I ate, but now as a young adult my skin can’t decide if it wants to be dry or oily. I’m that girl who if you asked me my skin type, I’d tell you I don’t know…it’s bi-polar.

I work hard to try and eat healthy, including my handful of almonds or nuts and several glasses of water each day. Those two tricks have kept my skin in line for the most part.

When I heard of a skin care remedy that has ingredients from organic and wild crafted plants grown all over the world, I felt like my skin had the chance to be born again and taken to a whole new level.

Organic ingredients in my opinion means no build up or weird sh*t sits on your face. That’s the stuff that will probably break you out.

I hadn’t found any one product that has made me commit to switching from my teeny bopper routine until recently, when I met an expert in the industry who curates a product unlike any other. Before you read further, just know I’ll never go back to the drug store, lab created products after trying this.

About this skin care remedy:

I happened to meet Jane Delo, Co-Founder of Orenda Skin Care through a good friend of mine at an event at the end of last year. When I met her, it was casual and conversational, but nothing about pushing her products or business on me. Shortly after meeting and sharing brief conversation about skin and how I felt mine was bi-polar, I received the cutest box in the mail with products that she and her sister develop and distribute.

First of all, I couldn’t believe the presentation and thoughtfulness of the package. It felt like it was my birthday or something special I probably didn’t deserve. As I continued to dig deeper and learn more about this product that arrived at my doorstep, I found it not only smelled good, but also it looked good and was promising for my questionable skin.

As I read further and did some background research, I found Jane and her sister Renee developed this collection named Orenda Skin Care nearly three years ago. They wanted to create pure products that were good for consumer’s health and skin, but more importantly, create products that were effective. The two sisters felt no such products existed, so they took a shot and started creating.

Hello, now we’re talking my language. Good for your skin AND effective? Jackpot.

If you’ve ever had a conversation with Jane, she’s one of the most passionate and kind hearted souls you’ll ever meet. It’s no surprise the product she and her sister made were flawless and down-to-earth, literally.

The two sisters source ingredients from organic and wild crafted plants grown all over the world as I mentioned earlier. So cool! Their product does not come from labs, warehouses or mass suppliers. The result is a clean and effective product line that reveals healthy, beautiful skin.

After I tried using a product, my skin felt really good immediately. Kind of like when you chug water all day and eat almonds…you feel good about yourself.

The cleanser immediately took over my life. The scent is ultra-fresh, making you feel like you just left the spa. It removes all of your makeup and is even GREAT for those who use individual lash extensions [raises hand]. I use it morning and night and have been testing it for a few months now and as I mentioned, I won’t ever go back to a lab created product.

After I cleanse my face, I use a product that I call the ninja for sleepy mamas. The ‘Illuminating Eye Concentration’ is a 100% natural anti-aging eye serum that firms, de-puffs and delivers nutrient-dense hydration for a brighter, smoother appearance.

This is just perfect for the mama’s or hard working ladies out there who are a little run down and need extra attention on those bags under the eyes.

For those of you who don’t know, I have an eight month old and full-time PR gig. I’m always exhausted, but in a great way!

Here are four reasons I ADORE the eye concentration:

  1. The product diminishes dark circles and signs of fatigue
  2. It softens fine lines, crow’s feet and crepiness
  3. It hydrates and illuminates delicate under-eye areas
  4. The plant actives and antioxidants reduce aging effects

“The ethos ‘inspiring beauty’ is a cornerstone of our brand,” Jane said. “It is our deepest intention to provide our customers with beautiful products that delight and inspire. When we look good and feel good, we inspire others to do the same. And, we believe skin care can help do that.”

I couldn’t agree more and can tell you after using this product for several months, my skin is next to flawless and break out free. I go to bed feeling like I just left the spa every night. What’s better than that?

The sisters are currently selling direct to consumers through their website and also on Amazon. To get started on your new skin care remedy, click here.


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