Public Relations

The Importance Of Industry News & Trends

We all know someone who believes that they have it ALL figured out. They know everything and don’t want to be told what to do. The fact of the matter is, there’s more to learn than we’ll ever know, both personally and professionally. There’s nothing worse than a self-appointed know-it-all.

Anyway, I was scrolling through Twitter like I always do and a headline grabbed my attention. For a PR person, that’s a jackpot. Writing headlines and grabbing a reader’s attention is a science. I think PR people and writers need to wear white coats…just saying.

In my opinion, the fastest and widest range of news that circulates the web is on Twitter. I scroll through and search my favorite news sources and blogs and see what they’re up to. I really work hard to make this a best practice, not only so I can stay on top of what’s trending, but also to search for knowledge and inspiration.

How to Plan and Host a Successful Media Dinner

This “How To” article popped up from one of my favorite sites PR Couture. I clicked on it and was lured in from the first paragraph, oh and that fab foodie photo.

I finished reading the article and smiled. I was reminded that creative opportunities within the communications industry is what it’s all about. There’s nothing better than the hustle and bustle and the strategizing that goes into selling a product or brand. New ideas are sitting right at the table surrounding us just waiting to be implemented.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day tasks that seem to never end like answering emails, pitching an idea, posting and monitoring social media channels and campaigns…the list goes on and on.

But truthfully, that’s the fun in this game of life…new tasks and new ideas.

I learned something new today by stumbling upon this PR practice that many foodie publicists utilize.

Finding inspiration and coming up with innovative ideas starts with planning. Create a plan and stick to it no matter what type of job you have because we don’t all have it figured out.

Do yourself a favor and make it your mission to consume knowledge like it’s your last meal. Relate it to whatever industry you’re in or interested in pursuing. Find best practices and learn from those. Sometimes we are given hunger for more and motivated off of the smallest things.

The future is bright – cheers to research and reading!


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