3 Things You Need To Have A Successful Year

How exciting and insane is it that it is 2017? It’s unbelievable have fast time flies, especially when you do what you love. I’ve had one of the best years of life and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2017.

With another year down in the books, it’s time to set new goals and continue chasing dreams, whether they are personal, professional or both.

Many start the year off with a new fitness plan or health regimen, while others just want to simply have a better year than the last. Either way, positivity is flowing.

Prior to setting your goal(s) there are three important tasks to outline: plan, promise and produce. I use this method and it genuinely helps keep me on track and focused for the new year ahead.


Strategize a plan on what exactly it is you want to accomplish for the year. Put it on paper, write it in a note on your phone or simply just say it out loud. Outline each detail and memorize it.

[Example] Let’s say one of my goals is to drink more water, increasing my consumption to eight glasses a day. I would activate my plan and accountability by keeping a hydration log and penciling in each glass of water consumed. Make sense?


Hold yourself accountable by making this promise to yourself. There’s no one you can let down more than yourself, so stick to your goal(s) and keep your promise.


Show results. Whether it’s improving your attitude or shedding a few pounds, do a quarterly check in and see how you’re doing. If you’re not hitting your goals during your first check in, you need to sit back down at the drawing board and determine your setbacks and re-clear the path for your success.

[Tip] When you have fun and get creative with your calendar it certainly makes it a lot easier to check in and stay on the path for a successful year. This quirky weekly calendar is a chic example of keeping yourself on track in a designated area you spend a lot of time in (i.e. office, home, gym).

At the end of the day, the new year offers us all one crucial thing and that’s a fresh start. Take advantage of it and set yourself at least one goal for 2017. Own it and make it happen because there’s no better feeling than looking back on a year and knowing you did your absolute best and accomplished at least one goal to better yourself as a person.

Cheers to another fab year!


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