The Top Power Foods You Should Be Eating

One thing that I am passionate about is eating. I’m not a dare devil who will try anything that someone puts in front of me, but I am definitely that person who goes to bed thinking about what I want for breakfast and once I’m half way through my meal and I’m planning the next.

This week I wanted to outline some of my favorite healthy choices that are considered to many as “power foods.”

I’m going on 30 weeks pregnant and let me just tell you how incredibly restricted your diet has to be. A lot of people laugh at me when I say that because they say, “our ancestors ate whatever they want and we all turned out just fine.” I can’t tell you how much that irritates me. Our doctors and researcher professionals recommend things for a reason, so why not just abide by it and try to have the healthiest baby you can. Ok, rant over.

These 6 healthy foods are prego approved, but also chart toppers for anyone seeking a balanced and healthy diet.

Potassium, folic acid & good fat


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Calcium & probiotics


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Kale & Spinach
Calcium, fiber, folic acid & vitamin A


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Antioxidants & fiber


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Iron, vitamin A & protein




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