Public Relations

Chic Office Space Makeovers You Can DIY

One thing that motivates me and contributes to my work ethic has always been chic supplies.

Ever since I was a little girl, the concept of going back to school shopping kept me up at night and not in a bad way. It was like Christmas.

Now that I’m a twenty something and in the fast paced communications industry, I still get excited over new office supplies that will keep me organized and focused.

An essential tool to success is being happy and comfortable in your work space. Here are my favorite chic office spaces that you can do either at home or in your current work space.

Pop of Color: Gold is a power color that stands out and will amplify your desk


Flower Power: Fresh, fake or fabric these will cheer up your space any day


You’ve Been Framed: Add frames as an accent wall, but clip your best work and/or press coverage and use as content


Shine On: Keep it simple, but shine on with a bold concept like this one…chrome and black you won’t go back


Follow me on Pinterest to see how these rooms came together. Photo credits via Pinterest (linked).


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