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Morning News Alert: 3 Reasons to Rise & Grind on a Saturday Morning

The weekends are often a time for us to sit back, relax and catch up on our personal lives as we know them. For me, I take the time to plan out my upcoming week, whether that’s organizing emails and setting calendar reminders or wrangling up my laundry and planning out my outfits for the week. Either way, organization is the key to success as a publicist and it’s truly the icing on the cake if you want to keep your head on straight.

It’s so easy to sleep your entire weekend away, especially if you’ve had an insane week at work that’s emotionally and/ or physically exhausting you. Sometimes we certainly need those weekends to catch up on rest, but making that a habit is not good for you or your productivity as a professional.

One thing I have made a habit of doing is waking up early to catch up on the news and social media trends for the week. I set aside quiet time in the morning to drink my cup of coffee, zone out and zoom in.

Any publicist will tell you that staying current on local and national news is a task you must get into the habit of doing daily, but many forget the importance of zooming in on industry and social media trends.

You’ll notice a big different in your professional development and career if you just take an hour out of each week to catch up on what’s happening in your industry.

Overall, waking up early to “rise and grind” will provide you with three major benefits outlined below:

1. Optimism: take time to build confidence in yourself and your future, you deserve it!

2. A Plan: not in the mood for reading? That’s ok. Use the hour to plan your day or your week. Set goals, whether that’s personally or professionally.

3. Quiet: if nothing else comes out of that extra hour you set aside, you’ll have quiet time where no one and nothing can bother you. Enjoy it and take advantage of it.



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