Get Off Of Cruise Control & Switch Into The Fast Lane

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Crazy to think about, right? I was doing my morning reading and got stumped on this one. My mind immediately jumped to those adventurous activities that many fear, yet others love.

When was the last time I took a leap of faith in a literal way like skydiving or waterskiing? Never. When was the last time I tried something off of a menu that I’ve never hear of? Who knows! Then I started to think about my relationships with family and friends. When was the last time I said or did something for them I’ve never done? I couldn’t tell you…

As I sit here thinking about these things, I realize that I am a relatively “safe driver” when it comes to steering my life decisions, specifically as they pertain to day to day activities and adventures.

I’m not talking about those major life events that could change you forever because let’s be honest, I’m pretty spot on when it comes to shocking other “drivers” with those decisions.

Think of me as a driver who occasionally has gone through a red light when no cars are coming. It made sense at the time because I was avoiding a car crash coming head on and couldn’t wait for the light to change.

When have you tried something new for the first time?

It’s time to take things off of cruise control and get in the fast lane for a bit. When you’re driving to work, switch up your routine and put on a station you’ve never listen to. Who knows, it may amplify your morning. Instead of drinking the same boring coffee or tea, order something you’ve never tried before. Stop for fast food on the way home? I’m guilty! Look up an easy recipe on Pinterest and make yourself dinner instead. (Click here for one of my favorite simple recipes)

It’s the little things in life that keep us on cruise control, but speed things up and jump into the fast lane once in a while.

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