If You Stumble Make It Part of the Dance

I grew up that girl who tried every extra curricular activity you can possibly think of: running, lacrosse, basketball, field hockey, gymnastics and even dance. Some I was much better at than others, but there’s one that really stands out the most as an adult looking back at them all.

Each morning I’ve made it a habit to read motivational sayings and quotes that put me in a good mood and keep my mind focused on the positive life has to offer. This week I read a saying “If you stumble make it part of the dance.” When I read this, it literally stopped me in my tracks and had me staring my many “dance” falls in the face.

I danced alone, I danced with friends and I danced in a routine as I was instructed to do. That’s usually how it works, right?

It’s funny how these activities in our lives are at one point in time a huge deal, yet in the blink of an eye can be done and over with, leaving nothing but one big life lesson.

For me, the times I fell were the worst. They didn’t seem like they’d ever go away…kind of like a dream where you’re on stage in underwear, yet you can’t move. Scary! But the reality is: we all dance, we all fall and we definitely all fall when we dance.

It’s not about who’s there to watch you fall, but those there who help you back up. It’s that one person in the crowd who brought you flowers at the end of the show or gave you a smile making you feel like no one else was watching but them. They’re a fan. A friend. A follower.

The idea of “dancing” and “falling” makes you realize how simple life can really be. Whether you’re dancing or falling or dancing while falling, life goes on.

I’m glad to be back and writing doing something I love and am passionate about. I hope you enjoy following a dance routine I’ll never forget in 2016. This year, I set three goals for myself to keep my playlist up and running:

  1. The show must go on: let go of the past and negativity that once made you fall
  2. Turn up the good tunes: surround myself with those who motivate and inspire to do what I love
  3. Put in the sweat: work hard, play hard and focus on goals for a professional career, but don’t lose track of life and loves



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