Nobody Likes You When You’re 23 and Professional

This morning I logged into Facebook to find an article titled “Nobody Likes You When You’re 23” and I immediately thought of the nine million struggles I have when it comes to being 23. Here I was so excited because I thought someone FINALLY gets it.

I started to read the article and I immediately became annoyed. No one gets it. Someone HAS to relate to the most annoying age to date. This isn’t right.

As a result of my frustration, I decided to write my own reasons of why it sucks to be 23 and a young professional.

Here are the reasons this article says why being 23 sucks:

  • You’re too “graduated” for your college friends.
  • You’re not “career” enough for your older friends.
  • Single at 23 is just awkward.
  • No one will hire you.
  • Your parents love you, but they are starting to get tired of your shit.
  • Your life revolves around answering BuzzFeed quizzes, Netflix and applying for jobs.
  • Your style is between poor college kid and “hire me, I’m professional!”

Here are the reasons I think being 23 sucks for a young professional:

  • You’re too young to be taken seriously.
    It has almost become a known fact to me at this point- steer clear of saying your age to ANYONE. You immediately lose credibility the second you say your 23. The person you’re talking to looks interested and then the big 23 comes out and their eyes shift to the left. Time to go. SO FRUSTRATING.
  • You’re friends are all just starting out and don’t have time for you.
    This is an ugly truth. If you made friends who are also young professionals, the odds are they’re just as swamped as you are. Working overtime is one of those things you just do without question when you’re starting out. It’s not because you don’t manage your time well, but because you’re learning to manage tasks on a level of importance and sometimes it’s just safe and easier to knock out your entire to do list before leaving.
  • When you’re engaged or married at 23 people judge you.
    This one is my favorites. “You’re 23 and engaged?” (Here comes the eye rolling and snarky comments) “Gosh you’re young, I hope it will last”…Thank you, you just officially offended me with a smile on your face. RUDE.
  • You’re still a newbie at your job.
    You haven’t quite perfected what you do yet. I mean come on, you’re only human and you’re going to make mistakes. Again, here comes the immediate loss of credibility.
  • You relationship with you parents becomes strictly virtual.
    Similar to your friends, your relationship with your parents becomes distant. There aren’t enough hours in your week to visit them, so you turn it into a once a month gathering. The reality is, the easiest way to catch up is to Facebook chat on the go. It is what it is…23.
  • Your life revolves around take out food and wine.
    By the time you get home from work and events, you’re exhausted. No one wants to cook when they are 23. I’ve officially declared this year as the year of pizza and red wine.
  • You’re not real sure about your “new” professional style.
    You are testing out new looks and you’re wardrobe is just all over the place. Your weekend outfit consists of skinny jeans or a maxi dress, yet you’re work attire consists of black pants or a pencil skirt. BORING.

The worst part about being 23 is trying to find yourself and establish your name as a young professional. May the odds be ever in your favor.


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