Close Your Eyes and Count to Three

Have you ever had a moment when you literally just want to close your eyes and erase yourself from a situation? Unfortunately for me, that has been happening A LOT lately. Stress can creep up on you and it can sit there and linger. Lucky for me, I have an amazing support system made up of my fiancé, family and friends. I truly have an army. Sometimes others can’t fight your battles though. You’ve got to take control of what you don’t like and change it. Take a moment to breathe and count to three.

Those moments when you’re closing your eyes cringing or counting, try thinking of three things in your life that makes you happy or proud.

Here are three things that we should be happy to have:

You’re alive and breathing. Be thankful every day if you have good health. There are many less fortunate who are suffering with poor health.


It doesn’t matter how many family members you have or how many you stay in touch with. What matters is that, at the end of the day you have someone who would drop everything just to listen.


Whether you have an army of friends or just one, think about how lucky you are. Remind yourself of the times that make you smile and why someone is your friend.


Now close your eyes and count to three.


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