Everyday Is Another Chance To Change Your Life

Have you ever felt like you literally can’t breathe when you look at something or someone? In that very moment, nothing around you can take away what you’re experiencing, whether it’s good or bad. Before I left for my trip to Cozumel, Mexico on Carnival Cruise Paradise I was excited, but I was stressed out about a million little things and felt I couldn’t leave my life behind for four days.

The cruise started out a little rocky when the ship lost my luggage and didn’t bring it to my room until 7:30pm. They then confiscated my wine and champagne that I brought on to celebrate my birthday, but that turned out to be my own fault. Apparently you have to physically carry that on. How was I supposed to know? I did some basic FAQ research before hand, but nothing too intense. Lesson learned. Fully research EVERYTHING.

The ship sailed for two days and I arrived to the Cozumel ship port at 8am and got off to immediately board the catamaran snorkel excursion I booked. The catamaran took us all out to a beautiful area where we were going to snorkel as a group. I’m petrified of the ocean (I definitely consider myself a pool girl), so my heart was racing at the thought of jumping off of a boat into the open water. Who knows what’s underneath of you? SCARY. I looked around me and kids half my size were confidently jumping off of the boat and into the ocean. So I was really sort of forced to go for it with a confident smile on my face. I jumped in and immediately swallowed a huge mouthful of salty ocean water. I was really frazzled, but I focused and regained my confidence and tried again.

I looked down into the ocean and I was immediately in shock. The view was breathtaking. Here I was looking at a spectacular view of reefs, fish and marine life. It was the most colorful, exotic and happy place I’ve ever seen. No one was talking, no one was texting or emailing and absolutely no one was arguing. It was an ocean full of life that was carefree and pleased with their surroundings.

This trip taught me that life can get rocky, but if you aren’t happy in one spot, swim to another and find that something or someone that takes your breath away.


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