Some Days You’re The Bug, Some Days You’re The Windshield

Happy Monday! It’s safe to say that I’ve been a busy bee flying around smelling the roses and learning new paths. The transition between being a full-time college student to a full-time professional has been quite thrilling. It’s not something that is easy to explain, but I found a quote that sums it up in one sentence. “Some days you will be the bug and other days you will be the windshield.”

The truth is, when you’re first starting out most of the time you will be the bug. However, I chose to use a bee as an example because they sting when they need to, yet they still take the time to smell the roses. The most important thing to remember when making a transition is to take the time to stop and think about how hard you’ve worked to get where you’re at today.

The windshield can be hard and it can sting when you hit it, but you’ve got to get back up and think about ways to avoid it next time. Think about how you can better yourself even if something is not “your fault.” Choose your path or take a different road if needed, but remember to use a negative situation as a learning lesson and get back up if you hit the windshield.



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