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Orange Is Not The New Black

Ok, so I’m just a little bit obsessed with Orange is the New Black. Now that season 2 just premiered, it’s safe to say I’m feeling peachy. There’s one problem I have with this show though…orange is not the new black.  I’ve been seeing it everywhere in and I have to respectfully disagree. Here is why orange is not the new black and will never be:

Every woman needs a little black dress

No you cannot replace your LBD with a LOD, it just doesn’t work. This is a go-to outfit that you can pull off any time of year, but if you switch to orange you’ll be limited.

Black Sunglasses
Please don’t trade in your black Ray-Ban sunglasses for orange ones…not cute.

Smokey Eye

This signature look is one trend that will never go away. I definitely wouldn’t replace it with an “orangey eye”, especially if you have blue eyes.



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