I’m Moving Again: Now What

As some of you may know, I moved AGAIN. I have seriously lived in countless apartments that I couldn’t call home because I didn’t know which direction my life would take me. But now, I’ve finally started to settle in and find a more permanent home that I can make my own.

The process of finding a new place is exhausting and frustrating, but once you find it it’s exciting and fun!

One thing that really helped to ease the stress of moving was Pinterest. I looked at the Home Decor tab throughout the day and strategized design ideas for my soon-to-be new home. Once I figured out what I wanted to do, I started to pick out paint colors and decorations from various stores.

Something that I kept in mind though was to take note of the decorations I already had so I could play off of those.

I decorated one room at a time, which was really helpful, as I was managing my other obligations. Another thing that was helpful was having help from a friend. She offered to put fresh eyes on things and help me decorate the living space. I never thought of decorating my kitchen, but when we put our heads together a garden themed kitchen was born and I’m completely obsessed.

I still have lots to do, but getting the bedroom and living room out of the way is a huge relief.

Here are some pins that gave me inspiration:

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