5 Summer Trends To Fall In Love With

We’re making our way into summer and it’s getting hot here in Florida. This is the time of year when no one wants to be outside and everybody (but me) is booking a vacation to be up north and out of the humidity. True Floridian’s find a way to stay cool in the summer or they just don’t go outside until the sun is down. Now that I’ve lived here for a few years, its safe to say I’m finding ways to stay cool. Here are my favorite summer trends that keep me sheek, yet professional:

White on white: This color is the best bet for staying cool in the summer. I love black, but it’s just not possible to wear in the summer unless its at night.

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Ornate Ponytails: The key to staying cool is to keep your hair up. Lots of women hate their hair back because they say it isn’t “womanly”, but there are many ways to tie it up and still look fashionable.

photo credit: harpers bazzar

Orange Lipstick: Orange is the new black. This look is ultra stylish, especially with a tan.

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Statement Necklaces: If you choose to wear all white or even just a little black dress, a statement necklace will spice up your outfit and add some flavor.

Dark and Moody Nails: Lots of nail colors are “in” right now, but I always obsess over dark colors. My motto is, “If I can’t wear black clothing, put something dark on my nails.” Everyone has a dark side, right?

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