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Every Communications Chick Should Have…

With college graduation happening all over the country, it is safe to say that there are many graduates on the hunt for a job. If they aren’t hunting, they’re busy preparing for their newly appointed position. When I started my job almost five months ago, I had no idea how to prepare or what to expect. But over the past few months I’ve started to realize how important certain “things” are to have accessible while at the office:

Phone Charger

As a communications specialist, your phone must never die. Lets be honest, it won’t ever leave your hand, but it’s important to always have a charger nearby so you don’t run into the whole “my phone died and I didn’t see there was a crisis” issue. That will never fly.

Lint Roller

A lot of professionals wear black. I’m not sure if it’s because black is the most forgiving color or if it’s just because you can pair it with anything, but there is nothing worse than seeing someone walk in with lint or animal hair all over the place. Ew.


In Florida, the humidity is completely against us. You straighten your hair then walk outside and it’s like you just got out of the shower. Annoying, I know. The trick to having perfect hair at an event is to keep a straightener nearby so you can quickly tame your out of control frizzy mess.


Laundry takes so much time out of your busy schedule. You take the time to actually place your clothes in a machine that does all of the work and then you have to lift those extremely heavy pants into your dryer and then strain your back to hang it all up. So why put in all of the effort if you’re going to just walk around with wrinkles? At that point, it pretty much looks like you didn’t wash your clothes at all.


No one wants to see what you had for lunch. Check yourself out before meetings.

Nail polish

This is debatable, but I hate it when I’m talking to someone with chipped nails. One of the first things people look at is your hands.


Another debatable one, but I love having a tiny tube of concealer around just in case a blemish pops up or if you have dark circles under your eyes.

When your lunch is hanging around in your teeth and you spot it in that mirror you have handy, you have a resource to keep you fresh!


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