The Man With The Pink Bike

Every day on my way to work I see a little old man fishing on a bridge with a tackle box and his bike, a pink bike to be exact. At first it was the bike that caught my attention, but as I continue to pass by each day I can’t help but think about the little things in life. I don’t know why he is alone or why he has a pink bike, but I know he’s committed. He’s committed to fishing outside each and every day, rain or shine.

Life can get busy and we often neglect the little things in life that make us happy, especially when it’s raining. The man with the pink bike has helped me to realize the importance of taking a step back to appreciate the finer things in life whether that is fishing on your day off or getting up early to go for a run. He reminded me to do something that brings peace and happiness.

The man with the pink bike, a complete stranger has helped bring that peace back into my life that I was missing and I thank him for that.

Ms. Sore Legs

P.S. Happy Earth Day

photo credit: sonia daigle


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