5 Must-Have Beauty Products

Every so often I switch up my beauty supplies and test out new and old products that are in the market. This month, I’ve found five essential products that every girl should at least give a shot.

True Match- L’Oreal Paris Foundation

This foundation is perfect for every woman with every skin type. I used to buy really expensive foundation because my skin is extremely sensitive, but I stumbled upon this product and fell in love. The foundation is affordable and long-lasting, which every girl can appreciate.

Naked by Urban Decay 

Some wear  smokey eyes, while others keep it neutral. Right now the trend in makeup is keepin’ it neutral. This palette has every color for every trend. I definitely prefer Naked over Naked 2.

OPI Cajun Shrimp

This color is EVERYWHERE. I stop people in the pharmacy and am like, “OMG is that cajun shrimp?” Florida is at the perfect temperature and this color is perfect to spring your way into summer.

Nivea Olive Oil & Lemon Lip Care 

Whether you’re freezing up north or sunburned down south, this lip care is amazing. I personally love olive oil because my family imports it from Italy, so once I saw this I had to try. It’s a must-have.

Fructis Garnier Shampoo & Conditioner 

I’ve been testing out a million expensive shampoo and conditioners and I’ve been hating them all. So I figured, why not give good ‘ol Fructis Garnier another shot because it is reputable and affordable. I’ve been using the line that helps frizzy, dry and unmanageable hair (which is what I have) and I love this product. It leaves my hair clean, oil-free and absolutely manageable, whether it is curly or straight.


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