Public Relations

Oh God, Who Am I?

There are a lot of pressures that surface when going in for an interview; no matter how prepared you think you are. I was recently speaking with co-workers about interviews that they’ve gone on and held and it inspired me to write about interviews. To be specific, the things you should NEVER say or do. I have to admit, we shared a lot of laughs, but it’s always important to know how to present yourself well so you can land your dream job.

Here are 6 interview DON’TS:

  1. Don’t ask about pay: This is pretty gutsy if you choose to do this after your first interview. My recommendation is to be patient and if they like you, they’ll give you an offer with those details.
  2. Don’t ask stupid questions: Do your research online; you’ll look unprepared and disorganized if you don’t.
  3. Don’t chew gum: Do I really have to say why you shouldn’t chew gum?
  4. Don’t let your eyes roam: Just make eye contact…that’s all I’m going to say about that- use your imagination for horror stories.
  5. Don’t act cocky: Present your good qualities and assets, but stay away from the over confident image. A company doesn’t want to hire someone who thinks that they are better than everyone or even worse someone who acts over qualified.
  6. Don’t be a psycho:  Don’t call the company to ask them who, what, when, where and why when they politely inform you that they’ve decided to pursue other candidates.


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