What to Wear to Work: Fashion Check-Up

It’s freezing here in Florida, but that isn’t stopping me from analyzing next season’s fashion trends. I have a lot of people who contact me and ask about what they should wear during an interview or what is appropriate day-to-day work attire. I start my new job this month and I am beyond excited and thrilled. The one thing every fashionista thinks about though is, ‘what will I wear on my first day?! What will everyone think about me?’ The reality is, it’s your job and you need to consider every detail before walking out of your house. I’ve created a few 2014 professional attire samples for you to check out below. Also, here are some tips to consider before choosing your outfit for work.

WatchfulKnow that what you wear represents not only you, but also your employer. If you’re coworkers aren’t wearing pencil skirts and blazers, take notes. There are tons of work environments that have more ‘relaxed wardrobes’ than others.

Original  Stay true to who you are and what you like. Whatever you do, don’t buy your outfits off of a manikin. Be original and come up with your own look.

Respectful – Wear clothes that respect yourself and your employer — clothes that fit your body.

Knowledgeable  Know the environment you’re working in. Always remember that no matter what position you’re in, you are NOT in the club—keep your dresses and skirts at an appropriate length.

Spring Preview


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