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A PRomising Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving I promise to be the best woman I can be, both in my personal and professional life. As I reflect on the many things that I’m thankful for, I sit here and think how I could literally write a book. Today though, I want to make a promise to my family, friends and myself that I will not only be thankful for you on Thanksgiving Day, but I will be eternally thankful for you each and every day.

I’m thankful for

Public relations – An industry I am passionate about and will have a lifelong career in

Respect – Family, friends and peers who have had respect for me and supported my passions

Optimism – My parents who have been optimistic about my life changing decisions this year

Modern technology – The ability to keep in touch with friends/ family who aren’t nearby

Inspiration – The people and places around me who inspire me every day to be a better woman

Strength – The strength to overcome the obstacles and troubles this year has given me

Equality – My peers, family and friends who don’t look down on me and treat me equally


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