Tip-Top Tuesday: Pinterest Fashion

It’s that time of the month again, ladies. Pinterest users (including myself) have been pinning away and I’ve got a lot to share. I’ve been obsessing over a million looks this season and it’s hard for me to choose just one. Here you have it, this month’s top five tip-top looks…

Leopard print is the new black. Any girl can pull this look off, so don’t be shy. Not only does it look great, but you also feel sexy. We all need a confidence boost here and there and leopard print does the trick!

Pleated skirts are in. Love it or hate it. The look is elegant and classy, yet hard to find. This is one of my favorites because its unique and has character, especially the top shirt layering.

Tights are a girls best friend. I prefer opaque tights because they have more coverage and when it’s cold they keep you a little warmer, but tights are in. I chose this look though because it shows you can use a summer dress with winter layers. The tights and the black sweater break up the pink allowing you to wear some clothes year-round.

Polka dots are fun, flirty and unforgettable. I love the fact that they’re not on a sweater or pants, but they’re worn as tights. This look goes great with a pop-color, like the red oversized top pictured here.

Oversized layers. Need I say more? This look is perfect for Thanksgiving with the family. You should be comfortable because your around family, yet still fashionable. Also, you have room to eat whatever you want and not feel guilty or self-conscious.


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