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Freshman Year(s)

Did you ever realize that every few years we end up facing our freshman year again? It’s like a terrifying, yet exhilarating dream. I’ve come to realize that there isn’t just one year in your life when you’re considered a freshman.

You’re a freshman in high school, college and now in the workforce. We go through our school years anticipating the ground breaking ‘sophomore moment’ when we finally feel comfortable with our surroundings and we feel like we fit in. But what happens when you’re applying for jobs right out of school? Whether you’re a college graduate or not, you’re starting from the bottom as a freshman and you’re not taken very seriously.

Now is the time to prove to your potential employers you’re not a freshman anymore. You have what it takes to apply and you are fully qualified. Think of ways things that make you stand out and shed your freshman image that we ALL tend to inherit. Get involved and stay proactive.

Here is a positive way to look at the word freshman:

Freedom to recreate yourself

Reality that you’re growing up

Everyone has been in your shoes

Someone will be always in the same boat as you at the same time

High standards motivate you to be the best you can

Memorable moments

Authority over yourself and your decisions

Noteworthy point in your life where you can look back and appreciate the many obstacles


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