Winter Fashion Trends: Florida Edition

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to live in Florida year-round? Well, I’m the girl who’s been there and done that. I’m currently living in Tampa and it’s still pretty warm here. Although some girls think because the weather has slightly dropped, it’s time to pull out winter coats and UGG boots, that’s not the case. In November, the evening is the best time to integrate some of your fall/winter fashion trends. Here are five of my favorite trendy pieces that you should try if you live here year-round or if you plan on traveling to Florida any time soon.

WHITE: The great thing about living in Florida is that white is acceptable all year round. White tops, hats, scarves and shoes are all completely acceptable.

KNIT BEANIES: This trend is popping up in every state this winter. I see girls wearing these hats in Florida when the sun goes down and it’s still 70 degrees. Don’t wear them during the day though or you may get some funny looks. I’d say it’s acceptable to wear in the AM if you’re traveling to the northern states where it’s a lot cooler.

LONG SWEATERS: These look cute and classy no matter how you wear them. When the air is cooler, try this look with leggings or all black pants. Just make sure you AREN’T (I REPEAT AREN’T) wearing leggings as pants. Another great way to wear this look is with a denim vest over it for some extra coverage and style.

BOOTS: The major boot trend right now seems to be the semi-high combat boots and extremely tall leather boots. Either one you can dress up or down. Get a good pair that matches a lot of outfits and you’ll be in style right away!

LEATHER JACKET: This trend is one of my favorites for sure. Even in Florida, a leather jacket is completely appropriate. It can be worn with mixed material to give a two-toned look or it can be worn with the same color to give a sleeker look, like black on black.



2 thoughts on “Winter Fashion Trends: Florida Edition

  1. SO GLAD I found this blog. I’m interviewing next week (Dec 10th) for a retail management position in Ft Myers – but I’m coming from Boston weather! HELP! Do you think an ankle pant with ballet flats is enough for an interview or should I still go trousers even if its 80?! I’m planning on a blouse/lightweight scarf on top. The brand is mature but fun – think Chico’s (but it’s not Chico’s). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Thanks for reaching out to me! It’s still very warm here, so I’m not sure a scarf is 100% necessary for an interview. Try wearing a statement necklace to add some extra character. It is retail management, so be yourself and show your style. Ankle pants are a great choice, as long as they’re professional looking. If you pair those with a cute blouse and necklace, you’ll be all set. Also, if you know they’re similar to Chico’s, try to pull some accessories (bracelets, rings, shoes, bag) that they’d like to give you something to talk about in your interview. You’ll do great, good luck! =) I hope that helped!

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