Public Relations

I’m Not Good Enough

As the semester is burning through its last two months, graduates are panicking. Thoughts race though their minds and questions are continuously popping up. Some of us have enthusiastic friends and family around us saying, “Be patient” and others recommend that you attend grad school to buy you some more time.

During a meeting last night, I had a news flash occur…we just need to go for it. Don’t wait around for opportunities to come to you. Don’t wait until you think you know something 100% to chase after it. The Communications Director at Tampa General Hospital, John Dunn spoke to the members of USF PRSSA yesterday. He made a comment that really opened my eyes saying, “Just because you don’t know a particular field doesn’t mean you can’t work in it.”

I thought to myself, that’s genius. I’m about to graduate and I’ve been focusing nonstop on the fact that I may or may not be qualified for specific jobs that I want, but what if I look at it differently?  I’m going to make it my job to learn each and every industry I’m interested in and prove to myself and my employer that I AM good enough and I WILL be successful in any field I choose.

Often time we feed our hesitation and come up with lame excuses. I believe that no matter what path you decide to take, take it full force and head on. You are good enough and you will make it.


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