Your Weekly Update

One of my favorite things to do is read my horoscope weekly. I find that my favorite place to read it is on Elle Magazine’s website. Check out what your sign is saying about you this weekend!

Aries: March 21st April 19th

Hands on wheel, Aries. Friday’s quarter moon in Capricorn and your ambitious tenth house points you back to the driver’s seat of your life. Your love-hate relationship with planning for the future must be reconciled now as a decision to just “let whatever happens happens” could be costly—literally. Put on that project manager’s chapeau and spend a chunk of the weekend figuring out what is really important to you. Identify your three most important goals, specifically with regards to your career and livelihood. Then, pursue said aspirations with that can-do Aries fervor that makes things happen—and fast! You won’t have trouble locating allies to assist with your mission. With the moon in Aquarius on Saturday and Sunday, friends and supporters come out of the woodwork. Make a few calls yourself, Aries. For the price of a few pizzas and a couple bottles of Pinot you could have an assembly line of helpers at your behest. Socially, how about checking a new scene this weekend? Scout out those eclectic, arty, innovative types who (like you) march to their own uncompromising beat. On Sunday, a flicker of jealousy could interrupt the free-flowing energy of a group. Have you forgotten to pay enough attention to someone in your midst, or worse, are you feeling ignored? Slip off for a little one-on-one time, then, rejoin the ranks. Otherwise, someone could make a scene.


Taurus: April 20th May 20th

Stretch, Taurus, but don’t snap. Friday’s quarter moon in your horizon-expanding ninth house cautions you to pause and assess your growth. Has a project, plan, or business venture (albeit an exciting opportunity) become a little unwieldy? If so, take time this weekend to rework your plan. Note your top objectives and skim away the excess, time-sucking responsibilities; or, delegate. You only have 24 hours in a day, which should be devoted to the tasks that bring the greatest ROI. Conversely, have you been playing it safe, lingering in the comfort zone, fearful of change? If so, la luna nudges you to take a calculated risk. This mid-sized leap might find you on unfamiliar ground, but with your stellar planning skills, you’ll find your footing in no time. Helpful people are all around you this weekend too, so reach out for wisdom and guidance. You might download an expert’s audiobook to listen to on a drive, or tap a mentor figure in your social circle for advice over brunch (your treat). With the moon in your tenth house on Saturday and Sunday, men are the star players in your weekend. Quality time with your favorite fellas will help you regain perspective. On Sunday, a conversation about the future of a relationship could reveal divergent goals. Can you support each other’s interests, even if they create some distance between you? Cast aside your fears of being left behind and get interested. Being a loved one’s champion and cheerleader makes you an indispensible force in his/her life.


Gemini: May 21stJune 20th

Thou givest fever, Gemini: ooh la la! Friday’s quarter moon lights a small fire in your seductive eighth house. There’s no questioning your blazing heat and the power of your charms. Quarter moons, however, are all about balance: so, where do you need to make an adjustment? Are you laying it on a little too thick with someone? If so, you may feel as if this person doesn’t know or appreciate who you really are. Take the risk to be more vulnerable in relationships like these. If they still love you when you’re not “on!” you’ll know it’s the real deal. On the flip side, some Geminis may be hiding your sultriest light under a bushel. Well, no wonder a connection is idling in neutral gear. Spice it up a bit, which might involve a wardrobe change and you taking more initiative in the love-and-affection department. Make your move! Then, pull out your weekender bag. The moon swirls through Aquarius and your jetsetting ninth house on Saturday and Sunday. Whether you’re taking off on a romantic getaway, road-tripping with friends (perhaps to see your favorite band perform in yet another city), or exploring a quaint little country town known for its killer antiques, you need a change of scenery. Stuck at home? Seize the opportunity for a staycation. Those touristy highlights in your own ‘hood can provide a playful diversion. Sunday brings a moment of truth. Your stance on a situation becomes crystal clear and you can set a boundary accordingly. Remember, Gemini, that what’s real for you might never register for another person. Don’t get hung up on convincing anyone. Agreeing to disagree may be the only resolution.

Cancer: June 21st July 22nd  

You love them, you love them not: what’s it going to be, Cancer? On Friday, the quarter moon in your seventh house of relationship calls a few key connections to the carpet. Have you been on the fence about a partnership (for business, pleasure or another purpose)? Setting this person free may be the kindest thing to do. Yes, you’ll feel a loss, but it’s unfair to drag people through your indecision. Besides, Cancer, you’ll be far happier pairing up with people who make your heart sing arias; ones with whom you feel an undeniable click. This quarter moon brings equilibrium to existing relationships as well. Balance the give and take so that no one (ahem) winds up carrying more than the fair share. You may find yourself in a soulful, introspective headspace all weekend, as the moon decamps to your eighth house Saturday and Sunday. Your melancholy may simply be the muse a-knocking. Channel the moody blues into a creative work. Sure it might be a little dark, but that just adds to the depth. Or, go be an avid arts appreciator. Seeing live theater, an indie music performance or a controversial gallery opening could be downright cathartic. On Sunday, be careful not to confuse love and lust. Off the charts chemistry doesn’t necessarily translate into a soulmate relationship with your happily-ever-after. It’s easy to project onto people though, casting them in your desired role instead of seeing them for who they truly are. Enjoy the fantasizing but remember that time will reveal the truth—and you need to log more hours with this one.


Leo: June 23rd–  August 22nd  

Hedonist or health freak? How about somewhere in between, Leo? Friday’s quarter moon in your sixth house of wellbeing brings some balance for your body. There’s no denying your lusty appetite for life, but have you overindulged? (Check your credit card statement if you need proof.) Or, have you veered to the opposite extreme, becoming a little too obsessed with your coupon clipping and your calorie-counting app? Royalty cannot survive on green juice alone, Leo. Your weekend mantra: all things in moderation. Exercise joyfully, feeling the beauty of your body instead of adopting the “no pain, no gain” mentality. Fill up on foods that are nourishing and also taste good. A little olive oil, lemon and garlic go a long way, ya know. This quarter moon also could bring word about work. If a new job or promotion is on the horizon, ensure that your name is at the top of the list. No gesture too grandiose though: you’re trying to entice people, not bribe them into giving you the post! How about having a well-respected contact put in a good word on your behalf? That would suffice. Dynamic duos are the theme of your weekend. With the moon in Aquarius lighting up your partnership zone on Saturday and Sunday, you’ll be happiest with your BFF or boo by your side. Strut around, power couple style. Socializing together breathes new life into your bond. Single Leos could meet someone with genuine long-term potential. On Sunday, however, don’t let your friends weigh in on your romantic choices. They might not understand why a certain someone makes your heart beat faster. Who cares? You’ll never be able to explain the why of attraction. Save your breath. You’ll need it for flirting anyway.


Virgo: August 23rd September 22nd  

Exercise creative control this Friday. You had a vision, Virgo, but, then, well…life happened. Although you’ve veered off course, it’s not too late to get back on track. With the quarter moon in Capricorn and your passionate, regal fifth house, remember that you are the queen of your own realm. You want things done, “just so,” and you know in your heart this will really make a splash. But you can’t force other people to align with your plan. Is Team Virgo being mutinous? Replacing the members of your court may be necessary in order to bring your mission to life. Don’t be hasty about this though. Could it be that you haven’t given them clear enough direction? Call a summit before you send anyone packing. Listen to their input too. While some of it won’t be suitable, there could be a few good points worth incorporating. Disagreements stress out your anxious sign so spend the weekend grounding yourself and soothing your nerves. With the moon in your sixth house of wellbeing on Saturday and Sunday, make self-care a top priority. Book a massage, unwind with a flowy yoga class, meet your most compassionate pals for brunch. Log some time in the great outdoors. Photography can be meditative as it forces you to be present as you scope out your environment, seeking the perfect shot. Wander through an al fresco farmer’s market and devote time to preparing healthy meals that you can take to work in the week ahead. On Sunday, a squabble with a sibling or neighbor could disrupt your harmonious groove. Neither of you is keen on compromising, but you’ll both have to give an inch. Drop your stubborn stance, Virgo, in the name of keeping the peace.


Libra: September 23rd October 22nd  

Home sweet home? Friday’s quarter moon turns your attention to your nest. If it’s not quite feeling like the sanctuary of your dreams, some changes are in order. Is it time to turn the spare bedroom into your personal office or creative studio, Libra? Maybe you need to hash out a few agreements with the noisy roommates or controlling neighbors so that you can stop walking on eggshells in your own home. Quarter moons bring balance, meaning you don’t need to go to any Extreme Makeover: Home Edition lengths to work things out. Subtle shifts, even rearranging furniture or applying some feng shui principles to move the chi through your space, can be seismic in their effect on your life. The weekend brings bountiful romantic opportunity. With the Aquarius moon lighting up your passionate fifth house on both Saturday and Sunday, take charge of your own fantasy fulfillment. No need to wait for you-know-who to plan a date or remember to call you after that hot hookup you had last weekend. Pick up a pair of tickets and reserve that table yourself. You might even do some “defensive dating” by asking someone else out. If you’re single, it’s always great to have options, if for no other reason than to take the pressure off a budding connection to evolve into marriage material. Already coupled? Talks could turn to babymaking or other co-created ideas like starting a band or planning an epic Halloween bash. While it’s fun to dream, Sunday could bring some practical considerations that must be addressed before it’s all systems go. Open, honest dialogue is a must.


Scorpio: October 23rd November 21st

Can’t sit still? A fidgety quarter moon lights the skies on Friday, scattering your focus in a thousand directions. Don’t fight the feelings, Scorpio. Instead, get out and dabble, mingle, explore new scenes. Perhaps you’ve been stuck in a groove for a little too long. Harness the experimental energy of the day to set off on a fresh course. You could even make some new friends, kindred spirits who share your budding interests and can connect you to the inspiring people you’ve been dying to meet. The weekend will find you in a mellower groove as the moon decamps to your cozy, homeloving fourth house. Puttering about your pad always calls forth your most creative nature, so forget about sitting still—or hiding away from the world—for too long. Chateau Scorpio will be ground zero for all things social. Free your fancy cookware from its cupboard-cell, put a leaf in the table and get the gourmet dinner party (avec wine pairings) underway. Since the fourth house rules females, you might kick the guys out for the evening and host a girls-only feast. On Sunday a relative (or a friend who’s as close as family) gives you flack for a recent decision. While she’s coming from a caring place, you’ve had enough of her judgments. Thank her for sharing but let her know that you’ve got this handled. It’s your life to live, Scorpio, and these are your “mistakes” to make, your lessons to learn—outside opinions, be damned.


Sagittarius: November 22rd December 21st

Money management time! Friday’s quarter moon in Capricorn and your economic zone calls for budgetary balancing. With your zesty appetite for life, a total austerity plan would never work for you, Archer. Yet, where is your cash slipping through your fingers? Review your expenses with a fine-toothed comb. There is excess to be trimmed away, leaving more in the bank for savings and meaningful investments—ones that bring more than twenty minutes of gratification. (Although that boeuf bourguignon with red wine reduction WAS a memorable experience…) Maybe it’s a matter of putting yourself on a slightly stricter schedule, for example, a couple more dinners at home per week. Focus on the income column too. If it’s time to raise your rates or go after a bigger account, spend time over the coming week polishing up your presentation materials or crafting your pitch. With the moon in social Aquarius all weekend, people are your passion. Nurture bonds with new friends or spend some quality time with your sibs. Get to know a neighbor better too. Invite her over for coffee, watch a marathon of your favorite reality TV guilty pleasure. You’ll love having an ally on the block or in your building; a friend to feed your dog dinner while you’re out at one of your many evening shindigs. Stick to low-cost activities (no prix fixe brunch this time around, okay?), a good excuse to get out in nature, hit the pumpkin patch, or ride bikes through the fall foliage. On Sunday, loose lips sink ships. Keep that juicy morsel of gossip in the vault, Sagittarius. This should not be used as social currency to win over a new friend—not unless you want to lose an old pal in the process.


Capricorn: December 22nd January 19th

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Has your take-charge style left you mired in obligation? What a drag. On Friday, the quarter moon in Capricorn helps you rebalance that load you’ve been shouldering. It’s time to delegate or let go of a few duties that are not bringing a proper ROI. Your need for freedom is equal to your desire for rulership. And if that means letting someone else be president, CEO, chairman, etc. for a while, so be it. A solo project that’s been languishing may call for your attention. This indie venture is worth picking up, if for no other reason than because it allows you to tap into your imaginative powers and grow creatively. Lead with your adventurous foot on Friday instead of letting your practical nature rule the roost. Over the weekend, take time to stop and smell the roses. The stars lure you into a sensual groove, one that requires you to relax and be in the moment. While it’s impossible for a Capricorn to set aside work for an entire day, block out a few hours here and there for unstructured playtime. If you have energy to burn, get out for a hike, bike ride or apple-picking adventure. Meditating, reading, taking a gentle yoga class, or cooking a meal for friends would be rejuvenating too. On Sunday, you could find yourself haggling over a group expense. Stick up for yourself and don’t let others shaft you with their bill. You could find yourself voicing a very different opinion than the people you’re with on Sunday too. Listen to their perspectives, but stand your ground. Don’t compromise your vision and values just to be accepted.


Aquarius: January 20th February 18th

Should you stay or should you go? You’ll be wrestling with this decision on Friday. While cutting your losses and racing off on the next adventure may be the Aquarian way, a balancing quarter moon cautions against a hasty departure. If you don’t tie up the loose ends or at least TRY to civilly sort out the situation, there’s a good chance you’ll just repeat the drama with a new cast of characters. Challenge yourself to stay put. Weather the awkward vibes; address the conflict directly. For all you know this could turn out to be a huge misunderstanding. Conversely, if you’ve tried (and tried and tried) to work something through, this quarter moon will hand you the white flag. Contorting yourself to fit another person’s ever-changing whims is a no-win game. Now is the time to switch gears: focus on your own happiness instead of playing the role of the codependent enabler. Fortunately, the moon hangs in Aquarius all weekend long, making it easier to focus on Numero Uno. Pick up a sidelined passion project, get out and explore an intriguing scene, have brunch with a few new friends. On Sunday, stay far away from the moralizing types, ones who will judge you for exploring the slumbering aspects of your personality. You don’t need them squashing your budding creativity or sense of adventure. And if you do have to see them, remember that you have the right to remain silent on topics you don’t care to discuss.


Pisces:  February 19th March 20th

New you, new crew? Friday’s quarter moon in Capricorn and your eleventh house of playmates brings your social circle under the microscope. You attract all types of characters (emphasis on characters here, Pisces) but don’t underestimate their influence on your choices. Like crabs in a barrel, there are people who will try to pull you down to the bottom every time you start to ascend. Worse yet, they may do this under the guide of trying to be “helpful” or “supportive.” Um, not! What you need now Pisces is a can-do crew: people who want to see you rise and shine. Reshuffle the decks, giving your champions top billing on your calendar and the naysayers a far less important role. In extreme cases, there may even be a friendship breakup in the cards. La luna heads over to your dreamy, escapist twelfth house on Saturday and Sunday sounding the call for a relaxing weekend. Spa day, anyone? Let yourself putter around at a leisurely pace, agendas be damned. The muse could come a-calling, so pick up a paintbrush, guitar, or poetry journal and make art for arts sake. On Sunday, however, take off the rose-colored glasses. You’re in no mood to deal with any harsh reality checks, but ignoring an obvious red flag will bring bigger, messier issues a few days from now. Call the plumber to fix that leaky faucet, insist that your friend clarify the catty comment she slips into conversation; ask your “dream date” the important relationship history questions. It’s all about early detection. And hey, maybe what you discover won’t be such a big deal after all. Better to find out the truth sooner than later, if only to bring peace of mind.




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