When Conflict Arises

Graduation is quickly approaching and there are only two months standing in my way of the real-world of public relations. Between job applications, group projects, exams and day-to-day life,  conflict is bound to occur.  Tension is high as we try to find a job and maintain a high GPA. I’ve really noticed everyone around me is on “edge” this time of year and it’s hard not to “catch the bug”. This week I’ve decided to give some tips and tricks on dealing with conflict and taking a break from the “end of college” madness. After it’s all said and done, you’re a publicist and you’re responsible for maintaining your own positive image as well.

  1. Think before you speak
    Don’t get yourself in to a situation where you have “throw-up mouth”, this seriously can hurt you and your image.
  2. Choose your battles
    Some things just aren’t worth engaging. Think of the pros and cons of the argument and choose whether or not it is important enough to have conflict over.
  3. Address the issue, then let it rest
    If you choose to address the issue, discuss both sides, come up with a resolution, then drop it.
  4. Maintain professionalism
    No matter who you are speaking to or what the conflict may be, stay professional and take the high road. Trust me, this will be to your advantage.
  5. Don’t yell
    Stick to your points if they are valid, but don’t yell. If the person you are having conflict with wants to yell and use profanity, be sure to end the conversation and move on with your day.
  6. Don’t judge
    If you have friends that are having end of college issues, no matter what they may be, just listen. Listening and being there are two of the most important things in conflict. Judging is an absolute no-no and trust me, it’s all over your face when you are.
  7. Exercise
    Exercising for 30 minutes a day will change the way you think and feel more than you may know. Releasing negative energy and endorphins through exercise is an extremely healthy way to cope.
  8. Make comfort food
    If you’re having one of those days where everything is going wrong and you feel like you’re going to explode, eat comfort food. It sounds silly considering I said exercise, but comfort food will make you feel relaxed and content.
  9. Have a date night with a friend or significant other
    Getting out of the house and forgetting your worries once in a while is important. Your friends and significant others are there to help you and vice-versa.
  10. Journal negative feelings
    If you have a person or situation that is so bad you want to scream, write it out on paper. See what it is that really is the issue and say what you want with a pen on paper. Once you feel better, burn the paper and get rid of the negative feelings you have.




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