The RACE to win your interview

Interviewing can be scary at times, no matter what position you’re applying for. Although standing out amongst others is important, knowing the basics to interviewing will take you further than you can imagine.

Before you head to your interview research everything you can about the company. Knowing who their clients are, what their mission is, when they came about, where they’re located and why you’re applying for the position are a few simple questions that you should have answered before hand.

Ask Questions
Employers aren’t going to give you every detail before you come in for an interview. Come up with two or three well thought out questions you’d like to know about the company or the position.

When you walk in to the interview, stand up tall and proud. You made it through the door and your resume caught their attention, so be proud. A confident applicant is always appreciated, but don’t confuse confident with cockiness.

Eye Contact
Keeping eye contact goes hand-in-hand with confidence. The more the interviewer see’s you’re engaged, the better your chances of landing the job. If you nervous and your eyes are wandering, that tells the interviewer you’re uninterested even if it’s just a nervous habit.

What NOT to do

Lie on your resume
Lying about a position will eventually come up. An interviewer will always tell by your body language whether or not you fulfilled a position when they’re questioning you about it.

Use filler words to pause such as like and um
We all have those moments where we can’t think of a word so we say um….or like…., but think about how that looks to an employer. Just take an extra second to pause, it isn’t as noticeable and long as you’d think and it’s MUCH better than like or um.  

Nod your head if you’re not agreeing
A professor once made a point that women in particular nod their head during conversations, even if they’re not agreeing. In interviewing, nodding your head to something means you’re acknowledging the conversation and listening, but be careful to what you’re nodding to. You may very likely disagree with what’s being said, yet agreeing with your body language.


2 thoughts on “The RACE to win your interview

  1. Great tips! Good call on including the ‘don’t lie on your resume’ part, it’s crazy how some people try to embellish or fluff up their resumes with their position descriptions– that’s a recipe for trouble when you go into an interview and they ask you to elaborate!

  2. make sure your cell phone is OFF…I used to make my own ‘business’ cards..you can get the blank at Staples and create them in your computer…just your name and contact info on it..attach it to your resume..it makes it easier for the interviewer to contact you rather than flip thru a pile of resumes…and finally, keep a scrap book of newspaper/newletter clippings, photos of events and any awards you’ve won…(my daughter taught me that one) mine has a lot of non-profit awards/certificates and PR pieces about what I was involved with..that scrap book landed me my dream job working for a private non-profit as they had a chance to see that I had been a volunteer and experience in fund raising as well.

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