Moving 101: Rules for Transitioning Your Life

I think it’s safe to say that I am an expert at moving, considering I’ve lived in seven states in seven years and moved in to more than one apartment in each state. Hey, that’s college for you though. People often ask me if I’m a “military brat”, but I’m not. I never really understood that slang, it seems somewhat offensive though.  I have moved around because my family moved to different areas, I’ve transferred colleges three times, and took out of state internships.

This week I moved in to my third apartment this year and I’ll only be here for six months. I graduate in December, so I will hopefully be moving to a major city and land my dream job (which means MOVING again).

Moving can be overwhelming and stressful, but you have to look at it as an adventure. Whether you’re taking a job in a different state/town or your family decides to pick up and move, having the right state of mind and great friends/family, you’ll too become an expert.

I’ve come up with five moving rules to help ease the transitioning period in your life.

  • Rule #1: DON’T PROCRASTINATE PACKING OR PLANNING: Once you find out you’re moving, you should come up with a plan. Setting up a time that you want to be finished packing is important to the planning process. Once everything is in your house, you’ll be able to gradually unpack and get organized.
  • Rule #2: Think creatively: Before you go out and buy boxes from the store, use what you have in your house. Hampers, trash bags and plastic bins are three items that most people already have in their homes. Also, when packing your clothes that are already hung, be sure to place them in to trash bags with the hangers still on them (hangers facing out). This trick will save you TONS of time unpacking.
  • Rule #3: Organize your packed belongings: Use a sharpie or sticky note to label what each item is and where it’s going in your new home.
  • Rule #4: Pack a small personal bag: Setting a bag to the side with three nights of clothing, a toothbrush, face wash, comfortable shoes and makeup will save you time scrambling through your packed luggage and going insane.
  • Rule #5: Familiarize yourself with your new home: Compile a list of places you want to see or visit in your new town or neighborhood. If you’re moving next door, introduce yourself to your neighbors and have a housewarming party. New friends are always fun!

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