Diving Deeper in to the PR World

What is the difference between In House PR & Agency PR?

In House PR is when a company represents one brand and manages their media, reputation and communication channels. Agency PR manages multiple clients and is a lot more fast-paced and complex than in house. You have to have premiere time management skills and be able to balance multiple projects and tasks at a time.

During my internship at Alison Brod PR, I learned the importance of time management and detail because it was an agency and there wasn’t just one client to consider. Every project that was being put together was with more than one person and client. Events were done through account coordinators of all levels and different brands were integrated at each event.

What do some of the popular firms within PR do?

  1. Fashion PR
    Fashion PR is commonly combined with beauty and lifestyle in this industry. In New York City and LA specifically, the firms are typically labeled fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
    People’s Revolution – AGENCY
  2. Beauty PR
    A lot of the major beauty lines have two PR departments that work together, one agency and one in house. MAC for example has their own small PR team in NYC.
  3. Lifestyle PR
    Lifestyle can be a lot of different clients, but some of the more common clients are hotels, venues and specialty beverages.
    J Public Relations – AGENCY
  4. Corporate PR
    Many corporations have their own PR departments. General Motors is just one of the many and they always prove themselves to be a corporate powerhouse.
    General Motors – IN HOUSE
  5. Sports PR
    There are a ton of agencies and in house firms for sports public relations. Major sports teams often have their own PR departments, but agencies like BZA helps to coordinate NHL special events, special tennis events and the PGA tour.
    Brener Zwikel & Associates, Inc. – AGENCY
  6. Music PR
    Music PR is another industry that can be popular with agency and in house. AheadPR is just one of the many agencies’ that are out there for artists reputation management. Other options are record labels such as Atlantic Records, Sony Music and Warner Bros.
    AheadPR – AGENCY
  7. Celebrity PR
    Celebrities often hire their own PR people, but we often forget about managing their endorsements and reputation. Product placements and charities are two large aspects of celebrity PR and managing a positive image is crucial.
    5W PR – AGENCY

How do I know which field I’ll like?


The more experience you get while you’re in college, the better. Getting out and touching each field will take you further than you may expect. If you can, go away during a summer semester and try something new. If you financially cannot, than reach out to a local firm or business you wouldn’t ordinarily chase.

What is a typical day in the PR world?

There isn’t a “typical” day in the PR world. You’re always required to be on your toes and ready to move on to a new project, even if you’re not yet quite done the one you just started. Multi-tasking and organization is crucial to being a successful publicist.

There are many events that you will need to attend with editors, clients and the public. No matter what field you choose, you will always be representing brands 24/7.

What qualities do you need to have to be a successful publicist?

  1. Strong writing skills
  2. Patience
  3. Persistence
  4. Organization skills
  5. Multi-tasking abilities
  6. Responsibility
  7. Respect
  8. Diligence
  9. Maintain a good reputation
  10. Communication abilities (You can’t be shy)




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