The Colorful World of PR

My blog consists of fashion, beauty and lifestyle pieces, but I want to share some other elements of PR that I think are important. The industry is huge and I don’t want people to think it’s all about what you see on TV, because that’s far from the truth. I use to think public relations was all about attending events and hanging out with client partying. That’s what TV shows such as the Hills and the Housewives showed, but now that I’ve gotten an education and real world experience I see that the media portrayal is completely incorrect.

Public Relations is about client and reputation management. By no means are you partying with your clients if you’re a good publicist. You’re making sure their brand is represented appropriately by
utilizing press releases, pitching to the media and executing events.

Here are some common PR industries…I will follow up next week with more information on these seven.

  1. Fashion PR
  2. Beauty PR
  3. Lifestyle PR
  4. Corporate PR
  5. Sports PR
  6. Music PR
  7. Celebrity PR


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