Summer Essentials: Mid Season Checkup

We’re half way through summer and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably running out of outfits to put together. It’s important that you have select signature summer essentials that you can pair with multiple items. Here are some essential pieces that can help you create looks and can even give you a jump-start in to the fall fashion trends.

Nail polish is always a struggle, especially when your nails are constantly kicking the polish off. Whether you’re working every day or you’re at the beach, that nail polish is going to eventually come off. There’s nothing more unappealing than chipped nails, especially if you’re trying to make a statement. Coming from someone who has really stubborn nails, nail stickers have been my savior. They last three times as long, they’re cheaper than a salon and there is a huge selection of designs.

Nail Stickers: Essie

Summer hair is stubborn, end of story. I live in Florida, so my hair is always taking a beating with humidity and color fading/changing. Two accessories that I love that prevent those things are hats and headbands. Headbands can become quite boring and childish sometimes, but lately I’ve been seeing turban style headbands and hair pieces and I have to say, I’m completely OBSESSED.

Turban Headband- Dana Bands

Panama Hat- Stetson

Dresses/ Skirts
Wearing loose fitting clothing is an easy way to stay cool, both temperature and in the fashion industry. A style that I love the most right now is the babydoll style. It gives you a loose style, but not frumpy. You’re always to still show your curves and body type, all while being stylish. Polka dots and floral prints are in style this summer, but also they’ll be seen in the fall.

Babydoll Dress- Forever21

Babydoll Floral Skirt


Transferable Shoes
It’s essential to have a standard black heel that goes with everything. Wedges are definitely the most comfortable choice and they’re ALWAYS in style. Also, solid pair of sandals is crucial. Havaianas are my favorite flip-flops right now because of their comfort and life span. Trust me they’re worth the price.

Wedges: Steve Madden

Flip Flops: Havaianas


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