Get in SHAPE this Independence Day

In honor of Independence Day (and my birthday), this week I’m sharing the top reasons you should be independent in and out your career. Knowing how to carry yourself can be crucial to a successful and happy career. Here is my view on how to SHAPE your future. After you finish reading, be sure to enjoy a throwback song by Destiny’s Child. You’re welcome.

The more capable you are at problem solving, the more sophisticated you look. It’s important to note that working in teams can be extremely beneficial, but when you’re assigned a solo task to work on, your independent qualities will shine through and help you get the job done proficiently.

For many people, being respected in your career is important. Showing that you’re independent and able to make your own decisions can help your bosses see your hard working and creative.

The more independent you are, the less hesitant you are at taking risks. Taking risks at work and at home can be positive and negative. Remember to channel your inner independence goddess, but in a safe, well thought out way.

As I said before, be sure to think out your decisions. Maintaining your dignity is crucial to a successful career. Confidence and elegance never hurt anybody. Having a balance of independence and poise can be the perfect potion for success.

It is important that you’re able to control your emotions and shape yourself in to who you want to be. Allowing negativity and anger surface and show can impact your future. Be sure to stay on track and keep your distance from negative people.


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