5 Organization Tips to Keep You on Track

Sometimes it I hard to play catch up when your life goes from 15mph to 100mph. Running around the east coast can be really crazy at times, but it’s important to remember to stay on the right track. I’ve been MIA for the past week because I’ve been regrouping and getting my Florida life back together. I started a new internship at COX Media in St. Petersburg and I absolutely love it. It may be polar opposite of fashion PR, but it is an excellent learning experience.

When I talk about staying on track, I mean it in so many ways. My last post, I talked about the various ways to stay positive and I want to touch on that a little more. This week I have been looking for a full-time job and it is NOT EASY. I’ve only been home for a little more than a week and I am already becoming impatient. I’ve been applying ALL OVER to various different employers, but all of a sudden it hit me…RELAX. I need to calm down and know that it will all work out and I will find a job.

The point of this post is to remember, it isn’t always easy being a “twenty-something”. You’re growing up and it can get stressful. Knowing that you need to stay positive and stay on track can help ease the nerves of a fast-paced life. Below are five organization tips to help keep your busy life on track.

“5 Organization Tips to Keep You on Track”

  1. USE A CALENDAR AGENDA: I’ve always sworn by my agenda. I have three in my house and I write EVERYTHING down on them so I don’t skip a beat. This also helps you balance your available time so you can fit in activities that you want to do, whether that be the gym, a girls nigh or even a nap.
  2. CREATE A TO-DO LIST: Having a scheduled to-do list goes hand-in-hand with your agenda. I find it best to write it out in my agenda and cross tasks off as they’re complete.
  3. WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN: It is important to always have something to write notes down on, especially at a job or an internship. It doesn’t matter if you use your phone, iPad, computer or a notebook, just be sure to have it. Trust me, there is nothing worse than someone (your boss) telling you something important and you forgot it because you neglected to write it down.
  4. CLEAN OUT THE CLUTTER: Cleaning out papers your don’t need or unnecessary files on your computer can help relax your work day. Keeping a clean office/ work space can often be crucial to your success.
  5. DON’T APOLOGIZE TO ANYONE: This is your life and your decisions. If you have to apologize, be sure you know you were wrong and be prepared for major consequences. With that being said, organization is important so you don’t make mistakes that are apology worthy.

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