East Coast Girl’s on TOP of Internships

When I was moving to New York, I wrote a blog about “preparing for the Big Apple” and I came up with three questions to think about while here. Now that I finished my internship, I created three qualities to keep you on “TOP” while being an intern.

  • Timely
    Time efficiency is a big part of PR. Between emails and client management, there is constant multitasking going on. Showing your boss that you are able to balance multiple tasks at once, yet still get them done efficiently is a huge asset. Don’t sit on your phone checking social media every ten minutes while trying to get your work done, they’ll notice AND you’ll be the world’s worst intern. It is important for your boss to see your time management skills implemented in the workforce.
  • Outspoken
    Give suggestions and volunteer yourself to do as much as possible. Ask about attending and working your company’s upcoming events. Also, if there are meetings or brainstorm sessions, ask to sit in. The more you engage yourself, the more you get out of your internship and the more they see you’re truly interested in the industry.
  • Personality
    Always be friendly and respectful. Maintaining these two qualities will get you far with your internship, while also maintaining a positive image for yourself. After all, image management is what public relations is all about.

Stay on TOP at your internship. If you want to work in a specific industry, go for it. Chase your dreams and go after what you want. Don’t ever settle for less.

photo credit: tumblr
photo credit: tumblr


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