Take off your mask and be a princess

photo credit: tumblr
photo credit: tumblr

Recently I’ve noticed that a lot of interns are reluctant to speak up in meetings or at events. One goal that I’ve set for myself has been to uncover the mask that I often wear and show my true colors. By taking off this mask that sometimes shadows who you truly are, you’re able to open up doors that can lead to a dreamland.

Princess has been a common word for me this week in New York City. Not only do I feel like I’m on top of the world, but also I literally wore a crown at a Burger King press event and many of the guests called us princesses. Let’s just say, the name stuck. Another event that I assisted was an annual rooftop opening for one of our clients. I worked the first few hours of this event and then was able to enjoy myself with one of my closest friends, Ashley. Ashley and I were laughing because we both had a common notion of what we would do while we were there. This notion was that we were going to have fun, yet still network.

Networking is extremely important in any career, even as an intern. You never know if that one person you have a conversation with can help you get your foot in a door or vice versa. In public relations, networking and creating relationships with editors are the two main concepts that I have taken away from this internship thus far. It shouldn’t be a forced or unnatural relationship, but fun and casual.

If you volunteer and go above and beyond in any job, whether that be an internship or not, you never know what opportunities will arise. I stress that networking is the most important thing as a PR professional because it helps you take off your mask and show others who you truly are and what you have to offer, especially if you’re just starting out. Remember, always wear your invisible crown and don’t forget to take off your mask.


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