Fast-paced city girl

My life has been on the fast track lately and I’m in love with every second of it, but that’s not to say I’m not totally exhausted. I started my internship last Thursday and on day one I immediately knew New York is where I want to be. People are walking so fast down the street, they’re practically running. Every morning (Monday-Friday) I wake up, get ready and take the subway to work. I was told I am very lucky because I have an easy commute. I thought to myself, thirty minutes…psh ok…that’s easy? After talking to the other interns, I’m practically next door to where we’re working. New York is a HUGE city as some of you may or may know and people from all over the world come to tour and/or work here. I’m so thankful to have an opportunity to work in this chaotic city.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re waiting to hear all of the “good stuff”, but let me say this first…in my opinion, there’s nothing better than working in fashion.

On day one, I became a personal shopper, shopping around for items for a video.  I had no idea what I was walking in to, but each employee has been hospitable to not only me, but each person who steps foot in that office. Now, each day I work, I’m shopping for clothing for different photo shoots, videos or TV segments. Shopping is one of the many perks within this internship, but what I did today will most likely top my list on the best experiences I’ve had while here in NYC.

The girls in the office asked me if I knew how to steam clothes and I regretfully said that I did not. Little did I know this was one of the most common “hated jobs”, but it turned out I really enjoy it.  I was then given the authority to style and shoot an e-commerce fashion line with an AMAZING photographer that literally cracked me up the entire day. The employees taught me the steps and the process on how they typically style for shoots. They gave me their broad vision, but soon after passed the torch giving me full access and experience that I will use forever in this industry.

Documenting my experiences in the fashion industry and living in NYC has been really important to me and I’m excited to do this weekly. Although I haven’t yet touched any of my bucket list numbers, I will accomplish two of them this weekend and will write about my experiences next Sunday. Until then, here’s a sneak peak of my day today.


One thought on “Fast-paced city girl

  1. Hi Nikki, I am a friend of your dads since he was a little boy in kindergarten. He and my son are friends. I think you are handling things amazingly. Most young kids would be so stressed just even being in NY., but I can hear no stress in your blog. Just keep taking on little “I want to know how” projects. Just do not let them poo-poo on you. Just learn as much as possible, you will be a Zoey. I think that is her name. Doesn’t she do styling ? I watch her once in awhile. But be careful of the night life, you can get caught up in it. Always , always go with 2 or 3 other gals, and leave when they all leave. Take a cab, to get home. I am a grandmother of 10, I still worry about them. Hope your doing ok with meals. Bless You Nikki. Go to church when you can.

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