New York City Bucket List

photo credit: tumblr
photo credit: tumblr

I am currently visiting family in Ithaca, New York and if you haven’t been here, it is a MUST SEE. The town is absolutely gorgeous, especially during this time of the year. I move to Manhattan in three days and start my internship in four. As I keep reiterating, I am excited yet nervous with anticipation.

Last week a friend messaged me admiring my blog, but insisted I forgot to add an element of college that was really important. FUN. How could I forget that balancing work/school with “me time” is crucial to success?

To calm my nerves, I’ve come up with six landmarks that I plan on visiting in the city. Below is my weekly post showcasing my “FUN” bucket list.

1.      Empire State Building
– In 1931 it became the city’s highest building at 1,454 feet.   

2.     Statue of Liberty
– Although it will be closed until July 4th thanks to Hurricane Sandy, seeing this landmark never gets old.

3.     A Broadway Show
Ever since I was a little girl, seeing a Broadway show has really been a treat. I’m not sure yet which show I want to see, but the decision has to be spontaneous!

4.      Staten Island Ferry
I’ve never been to Staten Island, plus I love boats. According to my research Governors Island is to the east, Ellis Island and Lady Liberty are to the west.

5.      5Pointz Aerosol Art Center in Long Island City
This center is known to be one of the best places to view a 200,000-square-foot canvas of spray paint art.

6.      Bronx Zoo
As an animal lover, the zoo never gets old. It also helps that I’ve never been to the Bronx.

On a side note: If any of my friends are living in areas of New York listed above, please feel free to come along and be my tour guide!


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