East Coast Girl Prepares for the Big Apple

As I countdown the days until I leave for New York, there are many emotions that surface. I’ve never been so nervous, yet so excited about an opportunity in my life.

It’s amazing when you get to a point in your life where you begin to see one of your dreams come true. We often forget about the factors that go into an internship and they can go many ways for students. The reality is, it can be a learning lesson or it can turn in to a full-time career, but either way, performance is crucial.

Here are three burning questions that I’ve been asking myself in preparation for the Big Apple:

  1. What are my goals in the workplace?
  2. What are my personal goals while in NYC?
  3. How will I stand out amongst the many others interns?

As I embark on this journey to New York City, I will have to answer these questions and ideally create a platform will lead to my success in this industry.



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