PRSSA National Assembly Experience

April 5, 2013

I arrived in New Mexico and finally got settled in. The only downfall is, there isn’t free WiFi. Due to this, I was unable to updated my experiences daily.

When my plane was landing in New Mexico, I was truly astounded at the differences I saw in the land and culture. Unlike Florida which has beaches and palm trees, Albuquerque mostly is made up of sand, mountains and cacti. When I got to the Marriott Hotel, I immediately ran up to the fifth floor and put my bags in my room. I then I hurried downstairs to attend the leadership sessions that were taking place.

The first session I attended was, “How to Strengthen Your Chapter”. The many things that I learned during this session will be used by USF PRSSA forever.

The second session I attended discussed ethical decisions in the workplace. We were split into groups to review an ethical dilemma and had to come up with an approach and resolution to the best of our abilities. This was interesting to see how other student’s problem-solve and also to see the tools that they’re courses provide.

Finally, they gathered all of the delegates for a mandatory meeting that went over rules and regulations for the National Assembly meeting. Tomorrow the course of our day will consist of voting in the new national officers. Many people aren’t excited for the amount of time this will take, but at the end of the day our voices are being heard and we are representing our school’s individual chapters. We also are able to say we participated in electing the PRSSA National chapter members, how cool! This is a great experience that others may never have an opportunity to do. Although I too see it as a time consuming process, it is extremely rewarding.

For the evening, we went out to experience a part of town called Nob Hill, which was where a lot of locals and tourist go. It was a really cute town with shops, bars and restaurants that were literally overflowing. The cab driver said that right now is conference season, but the true tourist season is in the summer.

April 6, 2013

Today, we woke up bright and early to attend the chapter elections and vote on two new bylaws. We were seated in order of colleges and had to dress in business/ professional attire. The National Assembly Meeting took place from 8:30am to 12:30pm, and then we were able to break for lunch. I met so many intelligent and fun professionals that I will remain in contact with. We went as a group to eat lunch at the sandwich shop, which was in walking distance from the hotel. After lunch we returned to resume the meeting, which lasted from 2:00pm to 6:30pm. Although I would love to write about how the process works and student’s experiences, I have to instead interview five girls from different colleges on their personal experiences. I will be uploading their perspective on the process and the factors that went in to their decisions as delegates.

April 7, 2013

Today was the final day of the National Assembly. We had an empowering key note speaker, Tom Garrity from the The Garrity Group and he talked to us about movie’s influence on public relations.

Throughout his speech, he went through movie quotes and their significance to life as a pr professional. Some highlights from his speech are below…

“Surround yourself with people who are going to tell you the truth”
Success depends on “whether or not you can identify the issue that creates a crisis”
“You have to love it and if you don’t, find another career”

The last quote really resonated with me and my chapter at USF. There are so many students who aren’t sure what specific aspect of pr they want to go in, but they exemplify motivation and passion. I feel as though this quote he gave us today should mind professionals in all fields what is important. Passion and motivation are key aspects of being successful and loving what you do.


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