Twitter Chat: the new AIM for professionals?

I participated in a twitter chat last night for the first time ever and I have to say I was IMPRESSED!It’s really amazing how you can have intellectual conversations with complete strangers that are in your work field.
I wasn’t sure what to expect whatso ever, but once I introduced myself and hash-tagged the chat, responses started flowing!

To me it brought me back to middle school when I used AIM chat to communicate with friends and people I was too nervous to talk to in person. I found it to be the adult/professional version on AIM. This is not to say there aren’t MANY MANY differences between the two, but I truly found it fascinating.

I know in the future I will be participating in multiple twitter chats because they are extremely beneficial. If you participate in topics that are relevant to your career and interests you can truly gain insight and advice from others who have more experience.

This form of media is something that many may never know about. Getting the word out to students and graduates about twitter chats is important for building connections/networks.

Below are a few of the conversations I had with USF students and professionals, some who  I have never spoken with and some who are in my classes. This is yet this is another reason I found twitter chat useful. The individual on the other end may introverted and/or shy and this method may be painless for them!


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