The Plan


Sometimes it’s hard to image what life would be like if you did things differently. I sit here and I think… What is this “plan” that so many people often talk about? Where do they come up with this? Some may say the Bible and others may say faith, but I say why? Why does this plan have to hurt people? This isn’t saying by any means, forget religion and faith, but remember who you are by living in the now.

It doesn’t seem fair that some are given extravagant “plans”, while others are living on the streets without food, water and a place to call home. It’s easy to hurt and runaway from problems, but I think about those whose “plan” lead them to have nothing and I remember… I am a lucky individual. So, what if you did things differently today? Instead of crying and mourning what you didn’t have, remember what you have and lessons life has given you. Forget the “plan” everyone is talking about and live your life. Your heart will lead you.


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