Barbie and Ken Marriage

(BLOG TRANSFER) I am in process of transferring some articles I wrote in a previous blog. The subject topics are a little old, but I am using only one site now.  06/15/12

OK this is repulsive. Let people have expression of who they are, but really? You’re messing with children and their innocent view on dolls.

If you’re going to do something with Barbie and Ken make them less materialistic and primped. It isn’t giving the message it is trying for. It’s actually doing the complete opposite, making it seem wrong to love the same sex.

Show young girls and boys there isn’t one size and style for everyone. This if a form of art and a very real story on problems in a marriage and identity, but the fact that they are using Barbie and Ken is unethical. Girls are still playing with Barbie today. Next time have a positive influence, because this is certainly not.


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