A College Girls Dream

Being in public relations is never something I had dreams of doing. Growing up I had friends who knew what they wanted to do, where they wanted to go in life and the steps they had to take to get there.

I’ve never really had that experience. I thought maybe I’ll be a singer or  Maybe I could be a Rockettes dancer or pre-school teacher, but never PR. I blame it on the typical childhood dream.

I have a new dream, a college girls dream. I have a passion for event planning and public relations. Throughout my college career I have had many people say, “you don’t need a degree for event planning “, “you don’t need to know public relations to plan an event…” I have news for you, they’re wrong.

Planning an event and making sure every individual involved is happy and representing themselves appropriately is imperative. Not only does it involve public relations, but tools that you learn from professors and textbooks, but most importantly experience.

I have had an opportunity to be an event coordinator for USF PRSSA and have learned what to do and what not to do. No one else would ever give me the chance to prove I was capable, but this organization has. I have been given lessons, advice, and respect through a college organization and have had a chance to prove myself for my future.

An events coordinator is what I want to be. I will always have my childhood dreams, but from this day on I thrive for my college girl dreams.



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