Humana Gold makes strong comeback among HMOs

Medical insurance is something each and every American has concerns about. It has been an ongoing topic in political debates and among colleges. Humana’s Gold Plus Plan has had a history of being “a mess”, but in recent news they are rising to the top in Medicare plans.

WUSF news reports:

Twenty years ago, Humana’s Gold Plus Plan was a mess. Patients went blind and lame, waiting for cataract and knee-joint surgery.

Many doctors who contracted with Humana and tried to help those patients went deeply into debt.

But today, Humana’s Gold Plus HMO is the only statewide Medicare plan to achieve a near-perfect rating in the new 1-to-5-star rating scale, receiving 4 ½ out of 5 stars. No plan in the state got a 5-star rating.

“Humana gets the fact that the future of health care will be driven by being able to demonstrate how well they do what they do — not how much they do,” said Jay Wolfson, professor of public health and medicine at University of South Florida. “It shows they’re serious about being a real lead player.”

How serious? Last year, the company says, it paid more than $34 million to nearly 900 primary care physician practices in the state that participated  in the Humana Provider Quality Rewards Program.

The University of South Florida’s Advance Medical Interest Group focuses on new technology in delivering medical care. According to projects manager, Travis Murphy, Humana’s Gold Plus positive solutions, “relate well to how physician groups can manage an increasing number of patient’s medical care more efficiently.” Being able to increase patient numbers and doing that accurately is extremely important to the advance medial interest group of USF.

Humana Health Care targeted potential customers in the beginning of 2012 with a direct response TV commercial. The commercial showed that even in hard times, they will be loyal and keep promises to their customers.


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