Public relations is redefined

In Case You Missed It 

An extremely important news story that give clarity for public relations was published March of this year in the New York Times. The article was titled, Public Relations Defined, After an Energetic Public Discussion, provides readers with a general definition of public relations and shows the effort that went in to the process.

Out of 927 submissions, there were three top finalists that voters had to choose from. The winner was chosen with 671 votes out of 1,447 total votes cast. “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationship between organizations and their publics.”

The man who led this redefinition of public relations was chairman and chief executive of Public Relations Society of America, Gerard Corbett. He said, “The beauty of the whole process is that it gave everybody a voice. Whether it was happy voices or snarky voices, it didn’t matter.” 



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